Ottawa Kitchen Renovations That Increase Functionality
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During a home makeover, homeowners include kitchen renovations as one of the undertakings to improve their space. Ottawa kitchen renovations allow you to make your kitchen more functional besides allowing you the opportunity to update the style of your home. 

When undertaking kitchen renovations, you can do the following three things to increase your kitchen functionality:

Consider an open kitchen concept.

For good reasons, the open kitchen concept has become popular in homes over the past few decades. Within this period, sitting around the fireplace has shifted to the kitchen from the sitting room. Opening up walls to expand the home space, make the kitchen bigger and more welcoming, and increase the view between rooms has become the norm. When undertaking kitchen renovations, consider opening up walls to create an open kitchen that opens up to other areas of your home. 

Reinvent your cabinetry design and positioning

Much of the innovation around kitchen cabinetry is centred around storage organization. When undertaking kitchen cabinetry renovations, figure out how to improve you currently organize your storage. Think about the type of shelves and drawers you need relative to how things are placed around your kitchen.

Rethink your work triangle

The shape you walk in the kitchen between the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator is known as the work triangle. The work triangle is one of the kitchen’s critical components of good flow. Before undertaking kitchen renovations, assess your current work triangle and see if it would still be convenient for your operations in the kitchen. Ask yourself if there are any changes you need to make to create a better workflow. Some homeowners improve the workflow by adding an island and moving the sink or stove there. 

Overall, kitchen renovations allow homeowners to enhance kitchen functionality and the general home outlook. If you are interested in Ottawa kitchen renovations, contact the team at CP & Son today. We can help turn your kitchen dreams into reality from kitchen design and custom cabinetry.