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Sometimes in order to breath new life into the house you love, it takes adding on a new room or remodeling a room. In view of this putting an addition to your house is always a great way to make your house feel like a brand new home. First, because of the extra space and second because how it adds to the overall style of the home.

An addition to an existing structure may come in to form of expanding a kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom, or the family room into a bigger space. It can also mean adding either an attached garage with a workshop or an office. Understandably, in any scenario, planning for any type of remodel or expansion of your home requires careful planning.

The first thing is to determine how much more space is desirable and then how to integrate this extra space into the home with a minimal disruption of the original structure. Another aspect is the additional load on the heating and cooling equipment of the original space. This means that an upgrade is necessary to obtain adequate climate control for the new amount of space.

The typical and more common additions are:

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