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Green Kitchens:

At CP & Son General Contractor we’re environmentally friendly, and we enjoy guiding our clients through the process of making sustainable and responsible decisions in relation to their projects. There is no better place to reduce, reuse, and recycle than kitchen renovations in Ottawa. There are so many choices available to consumers; being responsible has never been so easy.


Cork and bamboo are obvious earth friendly flooring choices to install in a kitchen. Cork is a renewable resource made from the bark of a tree. It has many advantages including a great sound absorption ability and it is a fantastic feature if you have a noisy family running through the kitchen on a regular basis. Cork is also hypo-allergenic and resistant to mold and mildew.

Bamboo is a product that can be used in many capacities thoughtful capacities throughout your kitchen. Bamboo grows incredibly fast so it is considered environmentally sustainable. Strong and durable it works as a source of flooring, as a backsplash option, and even as cutting boards in kitchens.


Stone chip countertops look like granite, and they are very durable. Made of recycled stone and resin they each have a unique look ñ no cookie cutter countertop for you.


It may seem like the obvious, but every kitchen needs a recycle station. If it’s a remodel, a complete renovation, or a new build your kitchen needs a dedicated space for your recyclables. Sliding drawers, larger under cabinets, island shelves all designed with sorting stations in mind, make your kitchen earth friendly.


We might not handle interior decorating on this level, but it can’t hurt to remind clients that natural fibers are produced using a lot less chemicals than synthetic ones. Keep this in mind when buying curtains and cushions. We also have great relationships with some of Ottawa’s best interior design companies.

Low-flow Faucets

Such a simple thing, but a kitchen tap with an aerator can make a big difference in your families water consumption.

Hot Water Dispenser

We can install a hot water dispenser if you use a great deal of hot water during the day. A small, highly insulated water tank can be connected to a secondary faucet in your kitchen, eliminating your need to heat water on the stovetop.


During a complete kitchen reno, sometimes it just makes sense to replace your old appliances. First, we recommend you give your old appliances to charity, secondly we recommend buying used to replace them. If that is not an option for you, make sure you buy Energy Star rated appliances to reduce your carbon footprint even further.

We’re Here to Help

Kitchen Renovations Ottawa

CP & Son, an Ottawa general contractor provides a full menu of home renovation services. We want to provide you with a worry-free, environmentally conscious Bathroom renovation experience. We deliver expert craftsmanship, quick turnaround time and renovations at a price you can afford. Consider CP & Son general contractor for your next Ottawa green kitchen renovations project. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our service from start to finish. Give us a call at (613) 695-5645 or fill out our quote request form.

More About CP and Son

Have made up our minds to renovate our kitchen, working with someone who could make our dream a fact was paramount within the procedure.

CP & Son’s staff have an extraordinary hard working attitude and tender loving care. Through the whole procedure, we felt they put the same level of consideration into our home as they would into their own. Their aptitudes are extremely strong, as is the development of our kitchen expansion.

We can sincerely say that CP & Son’s Kitchen Renovations experts gave us a kitchen expansion that surpassed our lofty dreams!

— Harry & Diane