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Foundation Repair, Exterior Walls, Windows, Doors and Roof

The outside of your home is important, not just because it is the first impression people get of your home. The exterior of your house is your protection and your security, and itís worth taking care of. Customers often panic when they hear they need work done on their foundation repair. The following information should alleviate your fears. Not all foundation work will break the bank, but all foundation repairs should be considered serious and dealt with as quickly as possible.


Foundation repairs require extensive knowledge in excavation, and complicated interior repairs that dismantle and replace vital elements of your house. You can waterproof your foundation two ways:

External waterproofing / Internal waterproofing

We may advise one over the other, or your budget may dictate how we approach any problems.

External waterproofing can be labor intensive and require heavy excavation equipment. Interior methods can be messy, accessing areas under the basement floor and requiring a lot of hours in labour for a total repair.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

External waterproofing methods are best, since they stop the moisture before it enters the foundation wall. Grass and soil around the house foundation will be removed, right down to the base of the foundation and below. The width of this trench depends on the soil condition, but your general contractor should ensure the hole is covered and safe when open.

The Process:

  • Foundation wall is brushed with a wire brush
  • Parging is applied to the wall, with a rubber membrane laid on top covering the entire surface of the foundation
  • Surface is roughed up to allow for better adhesion
  • A rubber coating is applied as an outer layer for added protection

 In order to direct water away from your home, we will install weeping tiles with a 4-inch diameter around the perimeter of the foundation. Weeping tiles, set at the base of the foundation will be covered with gravel and the trench will be back-filled with soil, then sodded. Ideally, the top grade should slope away from your home, to avoid water pooling at or near the surface.

If your Foundation, Exterior Walls, Windows, Doors or Roof need a boost, the expert team at CP& Son will provide a high-quality service. We specialize in all types of exterior renovation services and will be glad to assist you with any Ottawa home renovations. We will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report on the condition of your home, outlining all potential renovation and improvement needs.

Foundation Renovations Ottawa

CP & Son, an Ottawa general contractor provides a full menu of home renovation services. We want to provide you with a worry-free, environmentally conscious foundation repair experience. We deliver expert craftsmanship, quick turnaround time and renovations and foundation repair at a price you can afford. Consider CP & Son Ottawa General Contractors for your next Ottawa foundation repair project. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our service from start to finish. Give us a call at (613) 695-5645 or fill out our quote request form.