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Kitchen renovations are exciting, but they can also be time consuming and inconvenient if your kitchen is the center of your home. At CP & Son we have been through many kitchen renovations in Ottawa with many different families. We’ve come up with some pre-renovation advice we would like to share with you.

Before Contractors Arrive for a Complete Kitchen Renovation:

Use plastic totes or cardboard moving boxes and packing paper to store your dishes and small kitchen appliances. Don’t forget to label them!

Take down your curtains and rods, and any artwork. Remove anything of value from the area.

It may be necessary to make a set of keys for us if we are coming in to your home while you are at work.

Try to find another place in the house for the family to eat and prepare simple meals. Move the fridge to the garage or an alternate spot, so you still have access.

If possible find alternate accommodations for pets while we are coming and going from our trucks and equipment. We don’t want any pets escaping. Also the noise of our tools can frighten animals.

If there is a room for us to store some equipment it would be appreciated, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Be earth friendly. Donate your old appliances, dishes, and any other miscellaneous items you no longer want to bring back to your new kitchen.

Be more earth friendly! Your old kitchen cabinetry may be recycled or reused in your cottage, a friend, or a charitable organization.

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