5 Important Consideration When Doing Kitchen Renovations
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Avoid getting carried away and diving into a kitchen renovation project. Homeowners in Ottawa should consider a number of factors before undertaking kitchen renovations to avoid running into challenges. The budget for the project may run out of control leaving you in dire financial straits.

CP & Son recommends that you consider the following five factors before commencing the kitchen renovation project.


Numerous homeowners in Ottawa will start contacting kitchen designers before they have planned how much they intend to spend. The process should start with the preparation of a budget whether you are renovating the kitchen to improve your comfort in the home or preparing to sell the home. The budget is determined by a specific set of circumstances for a homeowner. The budget will determine the extent of renovation such as the type of fixtures and cabinets. Always stick to the budget you have prepared.

Existing Layout

Always try to work within the existing layout of your kitchen to determine the placement of the new fixtures and appliances. You may be for the idea of moving the sink to the opposite of the kitchen but that would prove to be an inconvenience and big expense. If a fixture or appliance must be moved, consult CP & Son who will advise if it is feasible to relocate pipes and electricity supply.

Existing Cabinets

New cabinets account for about half of the average cost of renovating a kitchen. Therefore, you may want to go for a completely new look but the budgetary constraints put those plans to a stop. Make use of the existing cabinets and save some money to be used elsewhere in the kitchen. If the cabinets are still good shape, you can replace the door and fixings at a fraction of the cost.


The perfect kitchen should have optimal lighting at all time of the day or season. Consider the lighting options in the kitchen so that space remains well lit when you cannot rely on natural light. You must not use fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen since there are more attractive and energy efficient options.


When buying any one single thing for your kitchen, you should seek to know its longevity. A kitchen renovation is a significant investment and you want to remain happy with it for a long period of time. All designs chosen should be able to stand the test of time and rhyme with the general style of your home. The renovation of the kitchen is both complicated and expensive and hence the need for timeless elements.

Talk to CP & Son for all your kitchen renovation needs and we will use our expertise and experience to answer your questions and bring out your ideas.