Walk-in tub vs walk-in shower
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Bathroom renovation and remodeling come with a lot of decision-making. It helps to be fully informed of all your prospective design ideas to make the right decision.


Unlike your standard bathtub, the walk-in tub has higher walls, a lower threshold, a built-in seat, and a door that opens outward to allow you to walk right in. As with any bathroom amenity, there are a few pros and cons to consider:

Pros of a Walk-In Tub

  • Contains handrails, a seat, anti-scald valves, and non-slip flooring
  • Reduces the amount of time and construction needed to add features
  • Safer and more convenient for the elderly or disabled individuals
  • Can accommodate the same amount of water as a normal bathtub
  • Provides great bath depth for a more relaxing bath experience
  • Contains hydrotherapy jets that offer massage to relax muscles

Cons of a Walk-In Tub

  • Installation can be pricey
  • Cannot pre-fill the tub before getting in
  • Must empty the water before getting out
  • It takes time to adjust the temperature of the water
  • Could potentially flood your bathroom if not properly closed or if a seal fails


Takeaway: Choosing which option is best for your home comes down to knowing the pros and cons of each. A walk-in tub is ideal for those who have loved ones with disabilities, or have mobility issues themselves.


The Pros and Cons of a Walk In Shower

If you are looking for a bathing feature that provides you convenience and ease and takes up less space, then walk-in showers are ideal. Wak-in showers can be customized to include a seat and other space-saving features.

Walk-in showers are in trend, and with that in mind, here are the pros and cons to help you decide what is best for you:

Pros of a Walk-In Shower

  • Takes up less space, freeing up square footage
  • Easy to use since it’s at the same level as the floor
  • Accessible for the elderly since safety bars can be installed
  • Easier to clean, fewer areas where dirt, water, and grime can collect
  • Big enough for two individuals
  • Includes amenities such as steam generators, massaging showerheads, and a large rainfall showerhead
  • It can easily be installed with a shower remodel.

Cons of a Walk-In Shower

  • Typically, more expensive to install
  • Not practical for kids
  • Potential slip hazard
  • Hot air is free to circulate into the bathroom
  • Creates humidity

Takeaway: A walk-in shower is ideal for ageing adults and others with physical limitations.

What to Choose if You Have a Shower Already Installed?

If you already have a shower in your home, sticking to getting a walk-in shower remodel will save you the extra work and cost involved in creating a walk-in bathtub.

However, if you love to bathe in the tub or require soaking for therapeutic purposes, then a walk-in tub can be installed with a well-planned bathroom remodel.

Takeaway: If you have a walk-in shower, adding a walk-in bathtub may be unnecessary.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If your bathroom is too small, a walk-in shower would be best to open space in your bathroom. A bathtub would take up much more room and cut down on usable areas for other activities in smaller bathrooms.

Takeaway: If you have less space for remodeling, a walk-in shower would be ideal.

Consider Who Uses The Bathroom More:

Whether it’s a master bathroom or a guest bathroom, consider who will use it more. Do you have kids or elderly family members? Would they be more comfortable in a walk-in shower or a walk-in bathtub?

Asking these questions will help guide you toward the best walk-in bathing option for your home.

Takeaway: Go with the style you like best and what your family members like as well.

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