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Part of the appeal a house has is the driveway. That said driveways made from concrete or asphalt, or gravel, while highly functional, are the standard materials used in the construction of a driveway. One way to dress up the appeal of your home is to use paving bricks that interlock. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, which gives you the ability to insert different patterns that add to the style of this type of driveway. Additionally paving bricks are long lasting.

Installing Interlocking pavers

The process begins with removing the original material, concrete, asphalt, or gravel. Then levelling the ground before using a special gravel for the base and installing the interlocking paving bricks as the top layer. In any scenario, CP & Son General Contractor will professionally install interlocking pavers, resurface, repair or replace an existing driveway.

Re-paving, Re-surfacing, or building a new driveway

In case where an existing driveway needs replacing we remove the original materials and put a new material down. In cases where we re-surface we will inspect the damage and repair as necessary. When building a driveway where none existed before we level the ground and begin with putting layers of crushed stone for the base.

After the stone has settled, we pave the surface with an asphalt spreader, then use a roller to compact the stone to even the surface. We repeat this process a second time, after which, we then apply a higher grade of asphalt for the final cover layer. The result is an even, smooth parking surface.

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Paving Ottawa

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