Kitchen FAQs – Popcorn Ceiling

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I have a “popcorn” ceiling. Is it possible to make it smooth? Is it a good idea?

Popcorn ceilings are usually made of stucco or sand paint. This technique was used on construction during the ‘70’s and ’80’s for the purpose of hiding imperfections in concrete slab ceilings that were never 100% level. In some cases, chunks of these ceiling are beginning to crumble. When repairing a popcorn ceiling, it’s nearly impossible to make the repair invisible.

There are two ways to make these ceiling smooth. One is to scrape and skim coat. This requires more work but will not affect the ceiling height. The second way is to frame and Sheetrock the ceiling. This technique is faster, but will drop the ceiling height by at least a couple of inches. In some cases, it may be an advantage because new framing will allow you to run wiring for ceiling light fixtures or speakers. Wiring through concrete slab ceilings can be very challenging. In addition, some buildings do not permit running wiring in concrete slab ceilings. Changing a “popcorn” ceiling to a smooth surface ceiling is a popular trend. Not only does it allow for better wiring, it also makes the space look cleaner, larger and less dated.