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Is there an average cost associated with renovating a bathroom?

The expense of any renovation project is always going to be at the forefront. As such, everyone should understand up front that the cost will vary from project to project. This is because of the materials and the amount of labour necessary to complete a project will vary. Most contractors can provide an average cost loosely based on an average budget and by comparing past projects to what it is you would like to accomplish. The following examples will demonstrate this.

Remodeling a half-bath with a single toilet and sink begins at $2000

Remodeling a full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and tub will start at $4500

Master bathrooms being normally bigger and with a toilet, double sink, and a shower may begin at $5500 for a remodel.

These prices represent complete remodels of the space with materials that fit into a middle range of quality and cost, while excluding fixture prices and tiling for the floor and walls. It is best to get an estimate from a contractor to understand the possible cost for materials, fixtures, tile, labour, and time frame included.