Basement Laundry Room

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Basement Laundry Room

Want to add space the upstairs? Build a laundry room in the basement with a folding table, a hamper that fills from the upper floors and improved ventilation. With the laundry room empty upstairs, which is usually connected to the kitchen or pantry, you can now extend either the kitchen or the pantry.

Build that breakfast nook or make the pantry bigger. All this while having a larger laundry room in one end of the basement. Part of this new room can also be built for storing cleaning supplies, such as vacuum cleaners, carpet steamers and so on. In addition, have a waiting room of sorts with a lounge, a large screen TV on the wall, surround sound so you can listen to the TV or your favourite CD or radio station. Make feel homey with a rug, coffee table with magazines and of course a coffee maker and you have a private laundry with your own entertainment system built in.

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