One of the advantages of the kids being out of the house finally is that you can turn the basement into that gym you’ve always wanted. You can put a treadmill, a stair step machine and a weight bench in the room with mounted mirrors on the wall and have space for Pilates, Yoga, or Martial Arts.

Because of the basic structure of a house the ceiling of the base has the supports to hang a punching, (weight dependent), for boxing. You can have inlayed monitors/ TV’s on the walls so you can watch from all directions.

If you do this while your children are still growing and they become athletic it becomes a family gym for them to exercise and build strength for their sport. This will also help build a healthy outlook on life and a strong base for staying healthy in their adult years to come.

Why not add a sauna or a spa for relaxing after a workout, lockers for extra workout gear, clothing or equipment. Think about having your own private gym, in your basement!

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