Basement Bar & Wine Cellar

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Basement Bar & Wine Cellar

Another great idea for a basement is to build a bar or a wine cellar. For couples where children have moved out to college or raise their own families. Remodeling a finished basement is as simple as working with a blank canvas, (an unfinished basement). Because of the natural shape of the room a shoe horn, Island, (an oval shape), or even an “L” shaped bar will fit nicely along one of the walls. With an Island it can sit in the middle of the room with seating surrounding it.

Naturally, a mini refrigerator and a cooler would be appropriate with taps for beer, racks for glasses, not to mention a sink for cleaning. Dress it up with a mirror behind a bar to give the appearance of more space. This can also be done with an Island with an inner island that holds the refrigerator and wine rack and liquor bottles with the beer taps on one end of the Island. The mirror would be placed on the walls adjacent to the long sides of the oval.

Regardless, of the design we will make it reality, so dream it and we will build it.

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