Advantages of Doing Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Basement renovation is a smart investment and will offer greater value for money per square foot of space. It doesn’t matter whether it is finishing a basement or updating an existing basement, get to enjoy the benefits of a renovated and habitable basement.

Higher Property Value

Renovating your basement improves the value of the property and makes it attract a higher resale value. Finished basements can be used as living spaces or storage areas and are attractive to potential homebuyers. Studies indicate that remodeling a mid-sized basement is a smart investment since it recoups up to 70 percent of construction costs. The scale of renovation will determine the returns which may be higher.

Extra Living Spaces

Basement renovation will increase two-fold the area of livable space in the home at a smaller cost compared to major addition projects. The extra space can be converted into bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, home offices, storage rooms, or an entertainment room. Work closely with CP & Son to create a basement design that will suit your needs.

Source of Additional Income

Some homeowners will convert space in the basement into a secondary suite to earn a secondary income. A basement suite in Ottawa can be a source of steady revenue at about 75 percent of your monthly mortgage. The income will help offset the cost of renovation and assist with other expenses in the home. The presence of a basement suite will also increase the resale value of the home.

Work With a Professional Basement Renovation Company

CP & Son is a professional basement renovator in Ottawa who will help with the entire process right from design to finishing the basement. Hiring professionals will ensure that technical jobs are handled by experts and that safety is observed. Additionally, they will get all necessary building permits before renovation commences in the basement. Finally, CP & Son handles both commercial and residential basement renovation ensuring efficient processes and maximum functionality of the space.